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Green Chemistry in the High School, Online Professional Development

Fall (Session I) : Oct 12 - Nov 16
Spring (Session II) : Feb 8 - Mar 22
Summer I & II Combined : Jun 28 - Aug 23

Micro-scale School Laboratory Experiments

Cleapss are developing micro-scale versions of classic school chemistry practicals which minimise the amount of chemicals used while fully delivering on the method and results. Watch their you-tube channel which is being added to on a regular basis.

InterUniversity Consortium "Chemistry for the Environment"

In October 1993 five Italian universities signed the constitution act of the Interuniversity National Consortium "Chemistry for the Environment" (INCA). The main objective was to gather several competencies and create a coordinated network of chemists working in the field of environment protection. The Consortium aims to a major involvement and commitment of chemists in scientific research for environment protection through the adoption of the principles of Green/Sustainable Chemistry. Valorisation and finalisation of intellectual resources and technological know-how of the Consortium’s members are put into effect identifying the most recent and emergent scientific opportunities in Green Chemistry, a field in fast evolution. Particular attention is turned to the interaction with the industry, including the SMEs, to favour the transfer of the acquired acquaintances from the research.

Nature-Inspired Chemistry Lab: Concrete Without Quarries

“Concrete without Quarries” helps students explore how nature creates calcium carbonate, a compound needed to manufacture cement, at ambient temperatures and using abundant, readily available raw materials. The lesson plans address key chemistry education standards and are available for upper elementary grades through high school.

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