Public Understanding

Green Consumer Products Website

A new collaboration with Boots the Chemists has resulted in the development of an outreach activity based on the chemistry behind commonly used personal care products, and the steps that can be taken to improve their sustainability over the lifecycle. As part of a pilot phase of work an interactive exercise on the lifecycle of soap was created and later further personal care products: moisturiser, shampoo, toothpaste and lipstick were added. In 2008, the website was trialled during science week at a series of workshops at the annual 'Discovery Days' exhibition, attended by approx. 2000 school children and members of the public in York.

Fabs the Frog

The project team is a partnership between the Green Chemistry Centre, the Green Chemistry Network, Boots, @Bristol and Glasgow Science Centre's. The Discover and Explore Green Consumer Products project is aimed at engaging with the general public to increase their awareness of the role of green chemistry in improving the sustainability of consumer products and explore its positive impact on our lives through an interactive touch screen display.

Throughout this project, Fabs the Green Chemist will inspire children to think about how the products they enjoy as part of everyday life can effect the environment. By looking at how these products are made, what’s inside them and how they are used, he’ll show the participants how green chemistry can improve them so they’re better for the planet, and us.

The display is to be hosted for six months in Glasgow Science Centre from April 2009 and @Bristol from October 2009.