Best Bed Throw Blanket In 2023

Of the variety of furniture presented in the house, the bed occupies the most important place – this is a resting place, which should be as comfortable and clean as possible. Care for bedding needs to be given great attention – your comfort and health depend on them. The use of a blanket on a bed and sofa is a necessary attribute not only in terms of aesthetics, but also to preserve the cleanliness of your bed.

The choice of blanket for the bedroom or living room is a difficult process because you need to consider the most diverse characteristics of the product. This is not only the beauty of the interior but also practicality. So, how to choose a blanket for a bed or sofa?

The Best Bed Throw Blankets 2023

1. Bedsure Fleece Blanket

This blanket comes in several different colors so you can choose the one that best matches your home decor. Also, the calm, pleasant color of the bedspread fills the room with warmth and coziness. The Bedsure Fleece Blanket in twin size is lightweight but warm. In addition, it has strong stitches at the seams and is designed to last through many washes. This blanket is made from 100% microfiber and measures 60″ by 80″. This blanket from Bedsure is breathable and resistant to static and pilling. It’s machine washable for convenience.

2. Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket

This blanket is reversible and has faux fur on one side with a cozy sherpa on the other side. It comes in several sizes and color options. This blanket from Chanasya can be washed in your machine on cold and can be tumbled dry at a low temperature. The Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket has a soft and fuzzy texture to keep you warm.

3. Bedsure Sherpa Blanket

This blanket from Bedsure is reversible with 220 GSM fleece on top and 280 GSM sherpa on the bottom. Made from 100% microfiber yarn, it’s cozy and suitable year-round. Consequently, it measures 60″ by 80″ and would also be a great size for use while lounging in your favorite chair or on the couch. It has a decorative knit trim around the edges for a stylish look. The Bedsure Sherpa Blanket is ideal for use on a twin-size bed.

4. Chanasya Super Soft Shaggy Longfur Throw Blanket

This soft throw blanket is made from 100% polyester fabric which is durable and designed to last. These are very plush soft fluffy blankets, the front is soft faux fur and the back is fluffy soft sherpa. It comes in a beautiful cream color. It’s machine washable on a gentle cycle with cold water and can be dried at very low temperatures. This throw blanket is twin-size and could be used as a covering for your bed. The Chanasya Super Soft throw blanket is made from a luxurious faux fur material. Extraordinarily soft and pleasant to the touch blanket! Like hugging a big teddy bear.


5. Bare Home Microplush Velvet Fleece Blanket

The microfleece used in this blanket is hypoallergenic. Blanket dimensions: 66″ x 92″. Perfect for beds, couches, camping, chilly movie theaters, or traveling. This throw blanket comes in twin/twin XL size and is available in several colors. This throw blanket from Bare Home is lightweight and ideal for travel. It’s easy to care for and can be machine washed in cold water. The blanket dries quickly. The Bare Home Microplush Velvet Fleece Blanket has an ultra-soft texture that’s cozy and warm for use on cold nights.


6. Chanasya Super Soft Sherpa Microfiber Blanket

The Chanasya Super Soft blanket comes in a king size so you can use it on your bed or anywhere else you want to feel cozy. This super soft and ultra plush blanket is designed for a thoughtful caring personal gifts to loved ones. This plush throw blanket measures 108″ by 90″. This blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyester.


7. CASOFU Burritos Blanket

This round throw blanket from CASOFU has a single-layer design and is made of flannel. It can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket. It’s made of soft material and has a diameter of 47″. This blanket would be a fun gift for a child or teen. It has been dyed with eco-friendly dyes that are safe for use by children and anyone with sensitive skin. The CASOFU Burritos Blanket has a unique look with a design that resembles a burrito.


8. Throw a Blanket of Plush Fuzzy Fleece

This blanket measures 50″ by 70″ and comes in the featured baby pink color and many other color options. It’s great for travel and can fold up easily to fit in your luggage. This type of material holds up well to being washed and dried many times. This blanket is constructed of synthetic microfiber. The WONDER MIRACLE throw blanket is made of plush and fuzzy fleece material.


9. The Connecticut Home Company Luxury Faux Fur with Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

The fur cover can transform the house, and fill it with warmth and comfort. With it, you can implement the most original design projects: it is suitable for an elegant bedroom, for a living room with a leather sofa, and for a fireplace room with an English armchair. The fur cover can become a magnificent gift for relatives and friends.

The blanket comes in many color options. Drape your throw blanket over a chair, couch, or bed to add an exotic stylish touch to your living room or bedroom. It’s machine washable on cold with gentle detergent. The Connecticut Home Company throw blanket is reversible. in addition One side has faux fur while the other has a warm sherpa. This blanket measures 65″ by 50″ which makes it ideal for travel or for relaxing around your home.


10. Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel

This blanket is electric and has 3 heat settings. The blanket has simple controls with an LCD. It automatically turns off after 4 hours of use for safety. This electric throw blanket is reversible with a cozy sherpa side and a soft flannel side. The MaxKare throw is perfect for anyone who frequently feels cold in their home. The long power cord, which is 9.8 feet, gives you plenty of options when using this blanket. Also, can be used as a normal blanket by simply detaching the controller.


How to choose a blanket – types of fabric

The variety of fabrics used in the production of blankets and sofas provides a wide range of choices both in terms of interior decoration and practicality:

  • satin is a durable fabric with a smooth “silky” upper surface. Often used to make quilted blankets;
  • satin – can be made of silk, viscose, polyester, and other fibers. The stitch makes the satin throw blanket especially beautiful. The properties largely depend on the composition of the material, but if you want the satin blanket to look good for a long time, the shiny side of the fabric requires a very careful attitude;
  • tapestry – expensive throw blanket, sometimes real works of art, they have a special weaving and complex colors. The manufacture of tapestries has been going on since ancient times, numbering many hundreds of years. Tapestry throw blankets are very durable, beautiful, and practical, they do not stretch during washing and use;
  • Jacquard – a beautiful fabric with a relief pattern due to the complex interweaving of threads. Luxurious jacquard throw blankets are a real decoration of any interior;
  • microfiber is a soft hygroscopic fabric made of split fiber, mainly of artificial origin. A microfiber throw blanket often serves as a plaid at the same time;
  • percale – thin, but despite this rather strong and dense fabric from untwisted cotton threads;
  • pique – densely knitted fabric with embossed “waffle” pattern;
  • fur – faux fur throw blankets are beautiful, they will stylishly decorate both the bedroom and the living room. But they are easily electrified and accumulate dust, and due to the large weight, washing in the washing machine may not work, so you will have to carry it to dry cleaning;
  • fleece – a thin fluffy fabric of pile fiber, easy to wash. It is mainly used for making fleece blankets, which are also often used as blankets.

Choose a practical blanket – materials

A good and practical throw blanket should be easy to care for and not lose appearance after washing. These properties depend on the composition of the fabric of the blanket – natural blankets are more pleasant to the touch and breathe well, but demand care, synthetic ones are durable, bright, and beautiful, but are electrified and do not allow moisture to accumulate in bedding to evaporate while you are sleeping.

The properties of the throw blanket and ease of care depend on the material of the fabric:

  • cotton. This natural material has many advantages: it breathes, is pleasant to touch and does not cause allergies, is undemanding when washing. Ecologically clean, soft, and inexpensive cotton also has drawbacks – spools form on it over time, and it sits when washed. To facilitate care and increase wear resistance, a small amount of synthetic fibers is often added to the composition of cotton bedspreads;
  • silk – silk bedspreads look especially rich and luxurious. In addition to its expensive appearance and pleasant silky surface, the silk bedspread has a huge number of positive characteristics: it does not accumulate dust, repels dust mites, prevents pathogens from multiplying, and does not cause allergies;
  • viscose or modal – a naturally breathable material artificially obtained from cellulose. Due to the low wear resistance with frequent washing, viscose blankets are most often used in combination with other fibers (cotton, polyester) for the manufacture of blankets;
  • Acrylic – artificial wool. Acrylic blankets – soft, beautiful, and easy to care for, but prone to the accumulation of static electricity;
  • bamboo – fiber obtained from bamboo cellulose, combines the environmental friendliness of natural materials, strength, and ease of care. Bamboo bedspread – a modern choice that does not have flaws;
  • linen – natural, durable, wear-resistant, pleasant to the touch, and breathable material. A bedspread made of flax will last a long time faithfully, it is easy to wash, but smooth it out only with dampness;
  • polyester is an artificial fiber, durable and easy to clean, it is excellently washed and dries quickly. Its disadvantages include the ability to become electrified and to pass air and moisture poorly, creating a harmful greenhouse effect for bedding. Therefore, the best combination for a practical bedspread is a certain percentage of polyester as an additive to natural materials;
  • mixed fabrics – the combined composition of the material makes the bed more durable, practical to care for, and pleasant to use, advantageously combining all the advantages of incoming natural and synthetic fibers.

How to choose a cover for the interior

When deciding which throw blanket to choose for a bedroom on a bed or in a hall on a sofa, an important criterion, of course, will be its appearance, which will help create coziness and a stylish interior. Therefore, as soon as you have decided on the degree of practicality you need, we move on to choosing the design of the bedspreads.

The main rule, in this case, complies with the general style. For example, for a bedroom in modern style, you need to choose a plain colored blanket in saturated colors. And the interior of the country is perfectly accentuated by accessories of warm wood flowers with folk ornaments or a throw blanket in patchwork technique.

When deciding how to choose a throw blanket for a bed in a bedroom, you can go in two ways – buy a neutral option, harmoniously blending into the overall color scheme of the room, or make this detail a bright accent in the design.

Fur covers for sofas and armchairs will create a stylish interior in a modern living room or the interior in a chalet style.

A blanket in the interior of the bedroom is one of the largest items, with its help you can transform the room by correctly placing emphasis.


When shopping for the best bed throw blanket to meet your specific needs, you should be sure to compare the different options based on size, especially if you prefer large blankets. Throw blankets have many uses. They’re ideal for lounging on the sofa watching TV or sitting in a chair reading your favorite book. In short, these can keep you warm while you do outdoor activities or you sit inside to relax. And, they work well for travel because of their compact size.

Luxurious blankets will decorate the interior of your bedroom and bring coziness with charm to your life. Throw blankets come in many colors, patterns, and materials. Some are made of fleece while others are constructed of cooler materials. When choosing a thrown blanket it’s important to be aware of the dimensions of the blanket.

Some are smaller than others and may not work if you prefer a larger blanket for comfort. If you’re looking for a throw blanket for use in fall and winter, you may want to choose one made of a thicker material. You should also read up on the care instructions to be sure to purchase one that can easily be washed and dried in your machines at home.

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