Welcome to the Green Chemistry Network

The Green Chemistry Network (GCN) aims to promote awareness and facilitate education, training and practice of Green Chemistry in industry, commerce, central, regional and local government, academia and schools. The network was initially launched in 1998 with funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry and is now funded on a project-by- project basis. The GCN is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered in England and Wales, No: 6879262).

The aims of the GCN are achieved by:

  • Providing news and information about green chemistry via its website and newsletters
  • Providing links to other organisations and government departments
  • Helping to organise and promote relevant conferences/workshops and training courses
  • Acting as a source of expertise in areas relating to green chemistry
  • Providing educational material for universities & schools
  • Running specific-themed projects targeting key areas and groups
  • Establishing and supporting not-for-profit Research Centres focused on R&D in green chemical processes & regional networks for the promotion of green chemistry

The GCN provides access to a wide range of stakeholders including representatives from chemical industry, chemical user communities, researchers, and governmental and non-governmental organisations.